The Secularization Project

SThe Secularization Project (TSP) was begun by the Provincial Council in early 2021. Its purpose is to explore the ideas, opinions, experiences, and feelings of the friars about secularization, and help them better integrate those elements into their Capuchin lives and ministry.

It is further hoped that the Project might lead to resolutions for consideration at the 2023 Provincial Chapter.

This page contains links to videos, book précis, and survey results that have been part of the Project. 



Youtube link: Interview with Br. Thomas Dienberg

Youtube link: Interview with Br. Christophus Goedereis

Youtube link: Interview with Br. Henryk Cisowski

Youtube link: Interview with Br. Mitja Ponikvar

Youtube link: Interview with Br. Louis Cinq-Mars

Youtube link: Interview with Henry & Peggy Bowles



The Nones: Where They Came From, Who They Are, and Where They Are Going by Ryan Burge

The life and work of Charles Taylor by Ken Smits, Capuchin

Secular Surge: A New Fault Line In American Politics by William Hugo, Capuchin


Survey Results

Survey 1: Definitions and Descriptions

Survey 2: Ranking the Definitions and Descriptions

Survey 3: How do you experience secularization in your family of origin/capuchin life?

Survey 4: What good do you see in secularization?

Survey 5: How has secularization affected the ministries of the province?