Local Ministers

This page lists documents and materials that local ministers may find helpful.Please note that the minutes of local ministers' meetings are posted on the "Friars Only" page of this website.

Current local ministers (and vicars):

Central Wisconsin Region:

  • St. Lawrence Community: David Schwab (Neal Plale)
  • St. Felix Community: Oliver Bambenek
  • St. Fidelis Community: Rob Roemer

Milwaukee Region:

  • St. Benedict Community: Jerry Smith (Francis Dombrowski)
  • St. Conrad Community: Kent Bauer (Richard Hart)
  • St. Francis Community: Michael Bertram (Rob Roemer)

Michigan Region:

  • St. Bonaventure Community: Larry LaCross 
  • St. Crispin Community:  Biju Parakkalayil
  • St. Anthony Community: Daniel Fox (Francis Voris)

Chicago Region:

  • St. Clare/St. Agnes Community: John Scherer (James Hast)
  • San Jose Community: Andre Weller

Western Region:

  • St. Katharine Community: Mark Joseph Costello (Tien Dinh)

Nota bene: Local ministers are asked to maintain a file on each brother, including the following:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Advanced Directives for Health Care
  4. DPOA for Healthcare
  5. DPOA for Finances
  6. Government Programs Documentations
  7. Funeral Planning Form
  8. Emergency Medical Information
  9. Emergency Contacts Information

Resources: Click on the appropriate items below to view/print. Legal forms below are for Wisconsin and Michigan. For other states, please consult the Internet.