Information Technology

Information Technology

[NOTE:  Please disregard this information if you have a @stlawrence.edu email address, or a public Internet (e.g. @gmail.com)  email address.]

The Province of St. Joseph is beginning our transition to Office 365.  There is important information in the link below (0635 Instructions) that is very critical for everyone, so please read it carefully.  The work has already started, so please read this information as soon as possible (right now would be a great time!).

The information provided will tell you:

General information
When is this happening?
What we need from you
What next?
Where to find training
Where to send questions

~ John Parker, IT Director
Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order
1820 Mt. Elliott Street
Detroit, MI  48207
Office – 313.939.2018
Cell –    248.787.1850

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