Continuing Formation

Defragmenting Franciscanism (Ed Foley, Editor)

  1. Continuing Formation Resources (March 1, 2020)–There are many new entries this month.
  2. Catholic Common Ground Initiative Principles of Dialog–This may be especially helpful as we enter more fully into the 2020 election season as well as the ongoing life of the Church.
  3. Resources and Recommendations for Creating a New Culture of Leadership, Leadership Roundtable, Catholic Partnership Summit 2020.–I was privileged to attend this year’s summit, which was held in Washington, DC on February 28-29.  This document contains summaries and links to resources on the four areas that we addressed re: the Church and her institutions and organizations:
    (a) Envisioning a New Culture of Leadership
    (b) A Culture of Co-Responsible Governance and Leadership
    (c) A Culture of Ethical Financial Management and Leadership
    (d) A Culture with Young Adult Catholics at the Leadership Table

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