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Addiction Recovery: A Catholic Solution

Defragmenting Franciscanism (Ed Foley, Editor)

(1) Continuing Formation Resources (March 1, 2020)--There are many new entries this month.

(2) Catholic Common Ground Initiative Principles of Dialog--This may be especially helpful as we enter more fully into the 2020 election season as well as the ongoing life of the Church.

(3) Resources and Recommendations for Creating a New Culture of Leadership, Leadership Roundtable, Catholic Partnership Summit 2020.--I was privileged to attend this year's summit, which was held in Washington, DC on February 28-29.  This document contains summaries and links to resources on the four areas that we addressed re: the Church and her institutions and organizations:  

     (a) Envisioning a New Culture of Leadership
     (b) A Culture of Co-Responsible Governance and Leadership
     (c) A Culture of Ethical Financial Management and Leadership
     (d) A Culture with Young Adult Catholics at the Leadership Table