Chapter 2026

Planning for Provincial Chapter 2026
In response to surveys from Chapter 2023, the PM-PC has been exploring venues that would be an alternative to St. Xavier University, Chicago. The PM-PC considered several options in the Chicago area and Wisconsin. Following a very positive visit and recommendation by Mark Joseph and Bill, the PM-PC has approved the Manitowoc Holiday Inn as the site for Chapter 2026. This site is used by the Diocese of Green Bay for their presbyteral assemblies and is located within an hour’s drive of Mt. Calvary, where there could be a final Installation Mass on Friday morning, followed by lunch. Arrival at the hotel would be Monday afternoon and departure Friday morning.
The Chapter Prep Commission will initially include the PM-PC, regional coordinators, Antony Julius Milton, Igor de Bliquy, Truyen Nguyen. They can delegate tasks to other friars as needed.
— From PC Minutes – December 2023