Nights 593 and 596 – Br. Błażej letters

October 16, 2023
Capuchin Communications

A Chronicle of Daily Struggles and Unyielding Hope in Ukraine, Oct. 10 and 13, 2023

Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian people exemplify remarkable resilience and unwavering faith. From the relentless nights of war to the unwavering dedication of the Capuchin brothers providing essential ministry and support, these stories shed light on the transformative power of faith and the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people. As we explore their journeys, we witness their determination to rise above adversity, their unwavering hope for a just peace, and the profound influence of their faith in guiding them through the darkest times.

Night 593: Choosing the better part.

A standard war night: Alarms, drone and missile strikes, explosions … Destroyed were 27 of the 36 rockets launched on post-Ukrainian territory. This is how another war night passed on the front line of regular war. Let’s pray for a just peace, including in the Middle East.

“The Lord spoke to Jonah a second time with these words: ‘Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and proclaim to it the admonition with which I commission you.’ Jonah got up and went to Nineveh.… God saw their deeds, that they turned from their evil conduct. And God was relieved of the misery He had decided to bring upon them, and did not send it.”

“Martha, Martha, you worry and fret about much, while little or only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the best part, which she will not be deprived of.”

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it faithfully.”

In Uzhhorod yesterday evening, some parishioners sensed a slight movement of objects in their apartments. It turned out that it was an earthquake. The epicenter was registered in Slovakia. Thank God all is well with us.

In Vinnitsa, our neighbors from Caritas-Spes are organizing another art class for children.

Night 596: A kingdom at war with itself is doomed to fail.

Another typical war night, with alarms, missile raids and drones, especially in the border regions and provinces. In our region it is calmer, thank God.

Today’s Word illustrates the modern world: “Every inwardly quarrelsome kingdom empties, and house upon house collapses. If, therefore, Satan quarrels with himself, how will his kingdom stand?”

“Now the ruler of this world will be cast out, and I, when I am exalted above the earth, will draw all to Myself.”

In the small village of Grozi, 59 people were killed by a terrorist Russian rocket. The deceased were attending a luncheon following the funeral of their loved one, a Ukrainian soldier killed in a foreign war. May they rest in peace.

Edited by br. McLean Bennett
for the Capuchin Communication Office
Province of St. Joseph