Nights 487-490 – Br. Błażej letters

July 7, 2023
Capuchin Communications

Stories of Resilience and Faith: Ukrainians Endure the War

On June 26, 2023, we found ourselves amid another restless war night, peppered with rocket threats from various directions. Amidst this turmoil, we find solace in our faith, drawing strength from the words addressed to Abram and the Apostles. They remind us not to pass judgment and to focus on our self-growth before critiquing others, reinforcing the principle, “God is love”.

Back in Kyiv, we held our monthly Eucharist of the Christian Relief Service in the chapel at our shrine of Fr. Pio, upholding our traditions and spiritual commitments.

Updates from the fraternity: Sergey Kippa shares his interactions with the guardian of Kraków and his journey to Rome. In Kyiv, Viktor Deszuk organized a day of recollection for the local SFO community, featuring prayer, discussion, and Mass.

Our enduring message amidst this conflict remains: “God is love.” This is the essence of our faith, our solace in these troubled times.

June 27, 2023, our 488th war night, yet a calm one compared to the usual chaos. However, unrest prevails in the east. Amidst all this, we turn to the words of Abram addressing Lot, learning about resolving disputes, and seeking unity. Our faith shines as our guide, the light in our lives, reminding us to take the narrow, righteous path, reinforcing the divine mantra: “God is love.”

In Kyiv, at the House of Fr. Pio, we partnered with the Christian Relief Service and the Joint Veterans of ATO for a project, “Give hope to mom”. We honor the women of this war, the brave 11,000 Ukrainian women standing firm on various fronts.

Sharing updates from the brothers: Sergey Kippa spent his day in a formation session in Rome. After presenting our Ukrainian situation, we received solidarity and support from brothers worldwide. The shared empathy is palpable, manifesting as prayers for us from a large group of Franciscans in India.

In Lviv, Kazimierz Guzik undertook a pilgrimage to St. Sigismund Gorazdovsky, offering thanks and preparing for the upcoming Berdyсz Capuchin pilgrimage.

From Starokonstantinov, Stanislaw Manski reports on the 25th-anniversary celebration of Br. Leonid Michalec’s priestly ordination, along with the parish indulgence in honor of St. John the Baptist.

On June 28, 2023, our 489th war night, we experienced relative calm, with attention focused on the counterattacks of the Ukrainian army. Our prayers aim for minimal loss of life. Yet, suffering persists, with a rocket striking Kramatorsk and causing casualties, including a child. We plead for a just peace.

Drawing strength from the Word, we remember God’s assurance to Abram: “Fear not, Abram, for I am your defender…”

In Kyiv, we continue the therapeutic project “Give hope to moms” with the Christian Relief Service, offering support to mothers who have lost their sons in the war since 2014. Br. Konstantin Morozov plays a key role in this endeavor.

In Vinnytsia, we received a visit from Jacek, a devoted volunteer, at our Volunteer Center. We also perform essential renovations, replacing old windows and doors while maintaining our charitable operations. We offer thanks to our benefactors for their generous support. Meanwhile, Brother Oleksandr Mogilny speaks in an interview on Credo, sharing insights about our mission.

From Lviv, Sergey Voronyuk shares his joy in guiding the “Koinonia” community’s retreat in Schidnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast’, emphasizing the spiritual enrichment experienced during these days.


From Br. Błażej letters nights 487-490
Edited by br. Igor De Bliquy
for the Capuchin Communication Office
Province of St. Joseph