Letters from Br. Błażej: Nights 114 & 115

June 19, 2022
Capuchin Communications

June 18-19, 2022, Saturday-Sunday 114-115 war night.

God was merciful and gracious. We are alive. In the east and south the war continues. From the south a big threat….

The Word…another excerpt from the “Sermon on the Mount.” Is it fantasy or my reality? As God, is my Father – Abba, the Word in today’s Gospel is life-like and real. And if God is somewhere, far away, high in the sky or just in the church, it means that I have to take care of myself and others and this Gospel of the lilies is a pious fantasy.
Hence my call to return to the Word “Our Father” and seek the true God – Father – Abba. God has not left Ukraine. There is war and God is here and knows our fears, concerns, needs. God is love. God loves you.

If God is Father, then we are brothers, born of the same fatherly womb. Our Capuchin General Government, headed by General Roberto, prays for us, for Ukraine in their national languages, asking for mercy on us: Lord have mercy on us !!! Господи помилуй !!!

Brothers, thank you for your brotherly love. I already thank the Minister General for visiting us in July, from 14 to 17.07. Thank you and we look forward to it. We are waiting for the General Councillor Br. Peter and the Provincial Minister Marek.

We have bought a temporary house for the brothers in Lviv. A pre-war plan, now finalized. We thank the benefactors who helped us before the war. Brothers, let us live in gratitude, it will protect us from being false poor. Today’s Gospel will be fulfilled before our eyes. In the same spirit, the project of buying apartments for refugees in Vinnitsa was born. The benefactors are a family from the USA. We are slowly entering into the implementation of this project. Brothers from the province of Austria want to buy us a bus. Let us pray with gratitude for our brothers and benefactors. Thanks to the support of our benefactors, the brothers in Dnieper have renovated the guest room. Deo gratias ! (photo)

It’s quiet at our place. One alarm in the night. We are happy for the happy return of the brothers and volunteers after yesterday’s trips to deliver aid near Donetsk. This morning the dedication of the new guest room for the brothers, volunteers and refugees took place. Our greetings. (photo).
The brothers in Dnieper say that help is coming from only two European Caritas: Caritas Poland and Caritas Croatia are helping our Caritas. (photo). Brother Jure, from Zagreb – thank you Caritas Croatia.

When the war started, in our lower church, the shelter, there was all-day Adoration, i.e. we were in His presence, and the enemy was overcome in our heads and at the front. He was defeated in Irpin, Bucha, etc. Hence another time and so to the end of the war….

In Vinnitsa “Saturday” action with children. Children, Bishop Leon Dubravsky and Br. Konstantin Morozov (photo)
May God sanctify us with His Presence.