Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 404

April 4, 2023
Capuchin Communications

April 4, 2023

Another night and day of rocket fire. The Donetsk and Kherson regions have suffered the most. Innocent people are being killed. More torture and execution sites are being discovered. (photo)
On that night, Ukraine was attacked with 17 drone strikes. 14 of them were averted.
God, grant us peace.

The Word… The following Word from the Song of the Servant of Yahweh fully announces the message, the mission of Jesus. As Christians, we follow Jesus. These words also apply to our vocation, our Christian journey.

“And now the Lord spoke, who formed me from birth to be his Servant, that I should convert Jacob to him, and gather Israel to him. And He said: “It is too little that you are My Servant for the uplifting of the tribes of Jacob and the bringing in of the survivors of Israel! I will establish you as a light to the Gentiles, that My salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:1-6

This mission is beyond me, I don’t know about you?
Let us pray Ps 71:

“Be to me a rock of refuge and a fortified castle to save me,
For You are my rock of refuge and fortress.
My God, deliver me from the hand of the wicked one.”

In Jesus is our power and strength.
“Welcome, our King, obedient to the will of the Father, as a meek lamb to be slain you were led to crucifixion.”

God is love!

We live in a war, we do not live by war!

News from the brothers:

Kamianske (Br. Vladislav Gmyrko):
Celebrating Palm Sunday in Kamianske. (photo)

Krasyliv (Br. Maciej Styburski):
Thanks to the initiative of the Capuchin Sisters, a fair was held for ZSU on Palm Sunday. Thanks to the sisters, parishioners, parish groups and missionaries of the School of Mary for preparing and carrying out this wonderful event! (photo)
On Saturday a retreat for the youth “Oazis” ended in Krasyliv. More than 100 people from different villages participated. Here are some photos. (photo)

Jesus lives!