Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 400

March 31, 2023
Capuchin Communications

March 31, 2023

Daylight alarms. All of Ukraine red. What’s next? How much longer?
Alarms in Kyiv and the oblast [region]. Kamikaze drones in the sky.
400 night already. Explosions are heard in Zaporizhzya. Alarms in Dnipro.
God, give us a just peace!
Let’s pray for Pope Francis. Healing of the sick…

The Word… God gives us the Word for the moment of suffering, doubt, temptation.
“Your words, Lord, are spirit and life. You have the words of eternal life.”
Let us cling to this Word. You have the words of life… I want to live, in war, I want to live… You have the Words of life.
God is love.

We live in a war, we don’t live by war!

Croatia (Brother Jure Sarcevic):

Dear Blazej. And today I received your report on the war and aggression against Ukraine. Thanks for the 399 reports since the beginning of the war. This is a special insight into the war and aggression, a faith-based insight. We follow other reports, but yours is unique. Every day we think and pray for peace in Ukraine, for a just peace. This human peace is often false, a peace for self-interest… Easter is approaching, the Risen Christ is the only true peace. Therefore, this year we especially pray that Christ, the Lord of life and death, the Alpha and Omega, will bring ultimate peace to the suffering nations of Ukraine.
Happy return from America and greetings to your brothers in Poland and Ukraine!

Deo gratias! Jure, thank you sincerely for your heart. Greetings to the brothers of Croatia and the Franciscans of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lombardy stands with Ukraine. (photo from Mrs. Olesia)

God be thanked for everything and everyone. Let us pray for our Brothers and Benefactors. (photo)

They write about us. (photo)

Kharkiv (Ms. Tania):

At our place again shelling. You can hear an explosion, already 4, already 7, already 10 explosions.

Sister Death:
Our Brother, professor, Br. Roland Prejs passed away. God, grant him life…

News from the brothers:

Krasyliv (Bro. Leonid Kushniruk):

Jesus lives!