Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 387

March 18, 2023
Capuchin Communications

March 18, 2023

Alarms are sounding in eastern Ukraine. Kamikaze drones attacked Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Kyiv and Rivne regions last night. (photo)
People are being killed on the battlefront. We do not set in prayer for an end to the war and a just peace in Ukraine.

The Word… Lent. Let us turn to God. Let us listen to his Word. “Come, let us return to the Lord! He has wounded us and He will also heal us, He has beaten us, He will bind up the wound. After two days He will restore us, and on the third day He will lift us up, and we will live in His presence.”
That is, we will see His love and hear His word. I love you… Hence another request: “Do not harden your hearts today, but listen to the voice of the Lord.”

We live in a war, we do not live by war.

Excerpts from a letter from our angel/volunteer, Marcin Izyk:

Dear Friends!
… We are still in Ukraine at the moment, but we are already slowly approaching the end of our trip. Today we will spend the night in Kyiv.

First of all, thank you very much for your prayers and support! It is extremely important for us! We can see how God is leading us! I want you to know that this is your very important participation in this unique mission! THANK YOU!!!
Once again, we experienced the blessing and His guidance. Because of this, we found ourselves not far from Bachmut. It was a wonderful time of God’s action, thanks to which we were able to help those who were in a very difficult situation due to the hostilities. We were also in Lyman and Kramatorsk, and earlier in Kharkiv. I will write about this later. For now, I’m uploading some photos and videos from this special trip…” (photo)

News from the brothers:

Krasyliv (Bro. Maciej Styburski):
Yesterday a humanitarian aid transport from Poland arrived. There were representatives of various organizations such as “international solidarity, journalists (including from TV Republika) … but all under the patronage and personally present Mrs. Deputy Speaker of the Republic of Poland Małgorzata Gosiewska.
They brought generators, among others for the school in Kremenchuk and Slobidka-Krasylivs’ka…
Most of the donations intended for ZSU. We thank Sr. Malgorzata Stankiewicz, because it was possible thanks to her personal contacts with some people.
Also cleaning up after a joint dinner with respected guests. (photo)

Kamianske (Br. Vladislav Gmyrko):
Kitchen for the poor. (photo)

Kamianske (Br. Volodymyr Procko):
And hear some gymnastics. Unloading a truck from Caritas. (photo)

Uzhgorod (Br. Roman Pop):
The Lenten parish retreat is underway in Uzhgorod. We thank Stanislaw for his teachings and fraternal presence with us. (photo)

Krasyliv/Kremenchuk/Slobidka-Krasylivs’ka (Br. Leonid Kushniruk):
Today we delivered generators to the school, clinic and kindergarten in Kremenchuky and to the school in Slobidka-Krasylivs’ka.
The directors were pleasantly surprised by such a gift. Each of them was ordered by the authorities to look for benefactors themselves to give them generators.
And it is well known that such a headmaster of a rural school does not have the opportunity. So for them it was as if they said they wouldn’t get one.
For this reason, their joy was very very very great!
The headmaster of the school in Kremenchuk, then he could not even make a serious face for the photo because he was so overjoyed. For the photo he even interrupted the lesson for two classes to pose for a photo. (photo)
15 buckets of dumplings and 5 buckets of cabbage with meat. Baked goods are so many that it is impossible to count.
Unfortunately, such speeds could not withstand the gas stove, which probably already survived more than one world war.
So we pray for the benefactors and for a new stove. (photo)

Dnipro (Br. Yaroslav Fedirchuk):
Ukrainian American Franciscan Youth in Dnipro, are preparing for the fair. Costs will go toward equipment for ZSU. (photo)
Mr. Igor, an engineer, bravely “fights” with the electrics in the mini-friary in Dnipro. (photo)

Jesus lives!