Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 385

March 16, 2023
Capuchin Communications

March 16, 2023

War night and day. Uncertainty, fear.
God, give us a just peace.
Alarms in all of Ukraine this morning.

The Word… And once again, as befits patient love, God’s love call: “Hearing the voice of the Lord, harden not your hearts.”
The prophet Isaiah exhorts: “Hear my voice, and I will be to you a God, and you shall be to me a nation.”
And the Prophet continues: “They have made their necks hard, they have become worse than their ancestors. You will declare to them all these words, but they will not listen to you; you will cry out to them, but they will not give you an answer. And you will say to them, ‘This is the nation that has not heeded the voice of the Lord their God, and has not accepted instruction.’ Gone is the faithfulness, gone from their lips.”
Therefore, my short prayer: Lord, convert us, and we will convert to you.

We live in a war, we do not live by war.

Krzysztof Koza, volunteer (angel), who from the first days of the war was with Ukraine, with Ukrainians, was with people in need, was with us Capuchins. Below are excerpts from a letter addressed in the spirit of gratitude to various people and to us Capuchins as well:

The year that changed the world.
He does not want to write about the war, it is in the attached photos, my stories and reports. On the Internet, television, and unfortunately in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
Photos all taken with my phone, I have many more that are not suitable for publication.

Today I thought of something else – in this unimaginable suffering experienced by tens of thousands of people formed interpersonal friendships, relationships and bonds that continue uninterrupted and all the time with the same strength.
It is amazing, and to this day unimaginable to me, how quickly someone who is a complete stranger can suddenly become someone incredibly close to us…”
(…) In one sentence – Capuchin brothers. If it weren’t for you … Brother Joseph. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to make it. Thank you for every blessing before continuing on the road. Brother Jarek, your support, trust and support I feel to this day. Brother Sergei and Brother Mark thank you for your hospitality…. many times you allowed me to rest in Kiev and Dnipro before continuing on the road. Brother Lonk and Adam – thank you, for your hospitality, understanding and taste of Poltava bream. (photo)

More rocket raids in Dnipro region. (photo)

Our angels, Marcin Izyk and his team, after having left the Capuchins in Kyiv, have already arrived in Donbas. They donated various gifts of the heart and a Ford car, for the needs of the army. (photo)

Jesus lives!