Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 365

February 24, 2023
Capuchin Communications

February 24, 2023

And so it has been a year since another massive Russian attack on Ukraine. We remember 2014, the annexation of Crimea and part of the land of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

It was a quiet morning yesterday. In the Kharkiv region, a Russian rocket hit a city government office building. People under the rubble of the collapsed building.
At noon, around 12:00 alarms in Kyiv. Alarms also in the east. And so it has been 365 days, and the end of the war is not in sight.
At night shelling in Dnipro region.
God, give us a just peace!

The Word… The prophet Isaiah, as befits a prophet, reproaches us with mistakes in living the fast that is just beginning. You fast badly, you pray badly… But the last word in today’s reading is optimistic and is Good News. “Here I am!” says God, “Here I am!”

We live in a war, we do not live by war.

Ukraine (from the office of the President of Ukraine):

Dozens, hundreds of thousands of photos that leave deep scars in your heart and soul. They remind us of the path we have gone down from February to February. It must be in our DNA.
We have not broken down, we have overcome many ordeals and we will prevail. We will hold to account all those who brought this evil, this war to our land. All the terror, all the killings, all the torture, all the looting.
Russia has chosen the path of the murderer. The path of the terrorist. The path of the torturer. The path of the looter. This is the state choice of Russia, and there will be state responsibility for the terror committed.

Evgeniy Maloletka, Aris Messinis, CNN Video, Andrii Marienko, Rodrigo Abd, Ronaldo Schemidtafp for Getty Images, Alex Kent.

Wroclaw. Poland:
A nice, friendly meeting with the family of Andrii and Ola, our former parishioners from Dnipro. (photo)

News from the brothers:

Lviv (Br. Zbigniew Sawchuk):
Pray for Konstantin from Kharkiv without a leg. A soldier who constantly drinks and had suicide attempts. Thank you.

Lviv (Br. Kazimierz Guzik):

Dnipro (Br. Yaroslav Fedirchuk):

Jesus lives!