Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 358

February 17, 2023
Capuchin Communications

February 17, 2023

After an uneventful day, came also an uneventful evening. In Kharkiv, 7 rockets fired, two of which reached their targets. Once again the suffering of the people and the fear of what will happen next?

The Word… Image “The inhabitants of the whole earth had one speech, that is, equal words.” That is, they had one right image of God, one thinking, one speech. They succumbed to temptation, let’s build towers, we will be like God. They sinned with pride…. their image of God changed, resulting in a change of speech, language, they could no longer communicate, get along.
Mechanism similar in every community, marriage, religious and others.
Do we want to live in faithfulness, peace? The simple way, let’s return to the source of love, to God, and we will communicate, get along.
“A happy nation chosen by the Lord.” Which one? Anyone who is aware of this and believes in God.

We live in a war, not live by war.

Yesterday was the Day of Unity of Ukraine. A holiday established directly before the war. “Together we are strong.” (photo)

Wiener Neustadt, Austria:
Nice and friendly colors, although not all flags blue yellow stands for Ukraine and similarly white and red… (photo)
And with a donkey you can communicate and through a donkey God speaks. Sounds optimistic. Photo of the Capuchin monastery. (photo)
We start the meeting. Common prayers. A little politics on the belly (t-shirt). Common recreation, singing not only in German. Brother Matthias plays the zither… (photo)

Dnipro and the region:
At night there were as many as three alarms, but thank God without rocket fire.

Russians killed 5 people under unknown circumstances.

News from the brothers:

Lviv (Bro. Zbigniew Sawchuk):
Invitation to the night of vigil (Druzhba) and prayer of worship. (photo)