Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 350

February 9, 2023
Capuchin Communications

February 9, 2023

In our area the night and morning were calm, sunny, frosty, but peaceful. On the front heavy fighting. Tension is rising. Closer and closer to February 24, the anniversary of the new escalation of the war. God, give us a just peace!

The Word… Beautiful Word: God does not want, my loneliness, He called me to love, to relationship, to love and be loved.
“The Lord God said: ‘It is not good for a man to be alone; I will therefore make him a suitable help for him.’”
Adam’s answer, my answer: “This one only is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh! This one shall be called woman, for this one was taken from man.”
The consequence of choice, vocation, the path of happiness: “Therefore it is a man who leaves his father and his mother and unites with his wife so closely that they become one flesh.”
To be loved and to love is my vocation.

We live in a war, we do not live by war.

Antwerp, Belgium:
Our Capuchin brothers, Brother Luc and Brother Martin invite you to the Eucharist on February 24 on the anniversary of the outbreak of the war. Brothers, heartfelt thanks for your prayers and help.

Invitation to another concert of classical music, music that can affect our spirit and emotions. Let’s relax within the Capuchin walls, with music. You are welcome. (photo)

One of the scenarios for another invasion of Ukraine, an independent state, by Russian terrorists. (map/photo)

News from he brothers:

Dnipro (Bro. Yaroslav Fedirchuk):
Today in Dnipro, we visited the house renovated by the displaced, a multi-story house, giving them produce. (photo)

Lviv (Br. Zbigniew Sawchuk):
Items we received from a German company were given to soldiers who went to the East. (photo)
I am going today to the rehabilitation hospital to the soldiers who lost their arms and legs. I ask for your prayerful support.
We are helping out for the oblates, they left for a meeting, at St. Mary Magdalene Church.
Tomorrow a help-out at the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help.
Tomorrow meeting with parents at a private kindergarten.

Uzhgorod (Br. Roman Pop):
Vasily, who is restoring, renovating our iconostasis is also mobilized.
We pray for him to return alive, safe and sound. (photo)

Jesus lives!