Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 296

December 17, 2022
Capuchin Communications

December 17, 2022

Kyiv. Yesterday morning from 8:00 alarm. All Ukraine in red.
We received messages, kamikaze drones, 60 pieces over Ukraine, over Kyiv. We are alive. Thank God. God give us peace.

In Kyiv, the morning was calm. Even the light was there. 9 o’clock, the light is gone. We are alive. Thank God.

The Word… This is the essence of our faith, of being in the Church, in community! “Gather and listen, sons of Jacob, listen to Israel your father!” The fruit is peace in our hearts, in our heads and, of course, where there is currently war, in Ukraine. “Peace will blossom when the Lord comes.”
Come, Lord Jesus!
God, give us peace!

We live in war, we do not live by war.


Yesterday with our guests we wanted to go to Bucha, Irpin… To pray over the graves of the terrible war.

As we were leaving our monastery, we heard a kamikaze drone explosion in the near distance, and so we left and returned to the monastery three times because of the explosions. In Kyiv, 3 drones hit their targets. Since morning we have no light and no water. It is getting colder and colder. Phone calls are getting weaker and weaker. Our guests from Italy are bravely surviving these moments.
Finally yesterday we visited Bucha, Irpin. (photo)
Meeting at the “House of Fr. Pio.” (photo)
Opening of the new project and cooperation with “House of Fr. Pio.” Cutting the ribbon. (photo)
Once again we experienced the words of the Psalm, “Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers stay together…” Dinner together. (photo)

News from the brothers:

Kamianske (Br. Vladislav Gmyrko):
After yesterday morning’s rocket attack, there was no electricity or water throughout Kamianske. Tonight the light appeared at our place. Oops… the light is no longer there.

Dnipro (br. Yaroslav Fedirchuk):
Yesterday, Friday, from 06:00 am to 01:00 pm there was no light in Dnipro. Neither in the church nor in the mini-convent. During the morning Mass we could hear very strong explosions. In addition, cellular communications practically did not work. Heartfelt greetings.

Come, Lord Jesus!