Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 284

December 5, 2022
Capuchin Communications

December 5, 2022

Polish brothers, we sincerely thank you, your parishioners and supporters of your monasteries for your gifts of heart, prayers, offerings, welcoming Ukrainians under your roof. Thank you. May God reward you. (photo)

A quiet night in our region. In the East and South, alarms, bombings, innocent people are killed. Russian terrorism continues. God, give us peace!

The Word… The prophet Isaiah and his prophetic Word is optimistic for me.
“Let the desert and the parched land rejoice, let the steppe rejoice and let it flourish! Let it bring forth flowers like lilies of the field, let it rejoice, leaping and shouting for joy.”
There is hope for our Ukrainian land, which will continue to feed and become the granary of Europe and the World after the end of the war. There is hope for Ukrainians to see a serene sky, without rockets and bombs, and to bless God and live in peace for the glory of God.
Come, Lord Jesus!

We live in war, we do not live by war!

Warsaw, Poland:

In the photo, from left, Olga, Olka and Goska—Capuchin sisters who went to Ukraine on September 21 [2021], a moment later war broke out there. The sisters share their lives with Ukrainians, working with them to make camouflage nets and candles for the army, crying with the weepers and accompanying people in the dark time of war. They do humanitarian aid, catechize and in their spare time are still able to prepare decorations in the church 🙂
I thought it was worth making them a gift for Christmas. Very practical—things that come in handy when the electricity or heating is out. If you want you can add sharing and a few zlotys from yourself—I would be grateful, I think the sisters will be very happy. (All money from this fundraiser will be donated to support the sisters).
br. Szymon Janowski, Capuchin
Link to the fundraiser: https://buycoffee.to/bratszymon

(Ania from Kyiv, our courageous parishioner writes to me).
“Brother, do you remember the military men who lived near our church? A battalion was formed from these soldiers and they liberated the Kharkiv region. Then there was a rotation. And then they saw them off to Bahmut. The whole battalion was killed” (in battle with the Russian army). My friend’s husband was there. There were more than 500 people there. ‘This is terrible,’ he said. 😭😭😭”

News from the brothers:

Voronezh, Russia/Trzebiatów, Poland (Bro. Gregorz Romanowicz):
“I ask the Brothers to pray for my mother Zofia. Today she lost consciousness. She is currently being resuscitated in the intensive care unit.”

Lviv (Br. Kazimierz Guzik):
Marian night vigil. (photo)

Vinnytsia (Br. Igor Mularski):
Helping the needy in the village and ministering to the sick, “First Friday”. Brother Patrick and Br. Igor. (photo)

Kamianske (Br. Volodym Procko):
In Kamianske, today (yesterday) there was a celebration in honor of St. Nicholas. (photo)

Come, Lord Jesus!