Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 277

November 28, 2022
Capuchin Communications

November 28, 2022

We survived another night. Since morning, Kherson and its surroundings have been shelled. God, grant us peace.

Kyiv’s civil infrastructure has been almost completely restored. There is already light, heat, gas, water. Thank God. Temporary shutdowns are still in effect.

The Word… Psalm 122.
Come, Lord Jesus!
“Ask for peace for Jerusalem:
Let those who love you live in peace.
May peace reign within your walls,
and prosperity in your palaces.”
Come, Lord Jesus!

We ask You for peace for Ukraine, for our families and for our hearts. Come, Lord Jesus! God is love!

We live in war, we do not live by war!

Another atrocity of war. (photo)

Destroyed, burned down infrastructure. (photo)

This city is home to Ukraine’s largest military airport. Hence the need to take more care of children. Br. Sergey, the monastery’s guardian, and Sr. Svetlana, a Josephite, are aware of this. The fraternity engages too. (photo)
More meetings of the Alpha group. (photo)

Funeral of a child, died two days after birth. Sergey was killed by a missile hitting a hospital. (photo)

Live stream of the Eucharist with children.

During the Eucharist, Sr. Bogumila wrote: Unfortunately the electricity was turned off and further streaming is not possible.

News from the brothers:

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Today in Kyiv the fraternity of Secular Franciscans elected a new fraternity board. Ruslan Matvapayev became the superior. His deputy is Viktor Karbovsky, secretary Andriy Dyachenko. Natalia Kovalchuk is responsible for formation. Treasurer is Nelya Shkil.
By 1:20 pm we had no electricity. Almost the entire meeting was held by torchlight and candlelight. (photo)

Kyiv (Dominicans):
A few photos from the monastic retreat at the Dominicans in Kyiv, which ended yesterday. There were 8 participants (not all were present when we were taking the photos). Right of me is Fr. Tomasz who, as it turned out, is from the same town as our brother Krzysztof Czeczko. They’re friends… this world is so small. Greetings! (photo)
And here on the right from me is Fr. Julian who was a missionary in Japan for 28 years, and comes from a village near Jasło [Poland—SJP Communications]. (photo)
Dominican Marian chant after evening prayer. (photo)

Today’s service for wounded soldiers from Bakhmut area at the Mechnikov Hospital. The man lying down was covered with earth when there was an explosion next to him. His comrades unearthed him. He was transported in serious condition 300 kilometers to a hospital in Dnipro and doctors saved his life. (photo)

Come, Lord Jesus!

May God protect us and grant us peace.