Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 261

November 12, 2022
Capuchin Communications

November 12, 2022

Another night and another day are gifts God has given us. We are alive—thanks to God. We have opened our eyes—thanks to God. We can pray together—thanks to God.
For everything and at all times, including war, give thanks and praise to God.

Alarms, airstrikes, casualties “traditionally” in the east and south of Ukraine. God, give us peace.

A statement by one western Ukrainian politician: “If Russia stopped war, there would be no war. If Ukraine stopped war, there would be no Ukraine.” Unfortunately, this is the truth about this senseless aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

The Word… We have been praying for peace in Ukraine since 2014, since the seizure of part of Donbass and the annexation of Crimea. There is no peace! We are praying very fervently already 261 night and day. Another Word and prayer from today’s Gospel: “Defend me from my adversary!” (from the Russians).
“And God, will He not take up for Himself His elect, who cry out to Him day and night, and will He delay in their cause? I say unto you, that He will speedily take them into His defense.” There is one personal doubt/question that the Evangelist himself asks: “But will the Son of Man find faith on earth when He comes?”
What should I believe? That God exists? That God will end the war? How about believing that God is in the story and that God loves you and God is love.
You believe that only God can bring good out of this senseless, cruel war for you and for Ukraine, for the World. Only God. Do you believe that?

God is love!

We live in war, we do not live by war.

Let’s once again remember yesterday’s holiday together. (photo)

Kamianske (Kyiv):
Today (yesterday) with Lyonka we were with a humanitarian aid in the village of Vil’nopillya (our military stood there), and then Mala Kamysholy (the Russians were there for 5 months). Then we were in Izium and finally in Kharkiv. We talked to people who were under occupation. (photo)

God, bless us.