Letters from Br. Błażej: Night 250

November 1, 2022
Capuchin Communications

November 1, 2022

It was a peaceful night. Everything is still ahead of us because now scary are not nights but days. Yesterday all of Ukraine was put on alert. Air raid alerts were in all provinces. (photo) Bombs fell on Kyiv. There is no water or electricity in some areas.

There is water and electricity in our “capuchin” area. The officials said that the occupiers want to deprive us of water, electricity and heating for upcoming winter; terrorism in its purest form. God, grant us peace.

Despite everything, thanks be to God, we happily arrived in Lviv.

The Word… Holiness—not a very popular word in the modern world. Below, this is the whole secret of holiness:
“Beloved ones, look at what love the Father has bestowed on us: we have been called children of God, and indeed we are.”
Simple, right? From Holy Baptism, you carry within you Holiness: “And everyone who places this hope in Him sanctifies himself, just as He is holy.”
Don’t be afraid of Holiness. As a Christian, be yourself, that is, be Holy as your Father is Holy. God is love!!! God loves you!!!

We live in war, we do not live by war.

We are at the friary. Br. Rafał, provincial vicar, and Br. Sergei, custos. (photo)
We visited our former, pre-WW2 Capuchin monastery. On the facade of the church you can still find St. Francis. Our church is now a Greek Catholic church. (photo) Yesterday there was a meeting of our superiors, Rafał and Sergei, with former participants of the School of Mary.
The day of our patron saints: Br. Sergei, the custos, presides at convent Eucharist in the Capuchin community in Lviv. (photo)
The famous church of St. Anthony, our Conventual brothers. (photo)

Despite the war, young people want to grow spiritually in a common Franciscan Youth formation. (photo)

Invitation—Formation retreat “Celle di Cortona” for Franciscan Youth will be held next Friday-Sunday.

War prank—Brother Rafał with a militant attitude to life. (photo)

New vocation from Pidvolochys’k. God hears our prayers! (photo)

May God grant us peace.