Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 233

October 15, 2022
Capuchin Communications

October 15, 2022

Thank God, we are alive. In our area the night was quiet. In the morning, after 7 o’clock, there was a nationwide air raid alarm all over Ukraine. Kyiv area was attacked. Attacks in Zaporizhzhia Region continue. God, grant us peace!!!

The Word… St. Paul prays for us as well: “May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope that belongs to his call…” There is a temptation to turn all our attention to war, alarms and thus to forget, not to see and not to hear the most important voice that gives me life and peace.

We live in war, we do not live by war.

“Sisters of Hope. Unknown stories of heroic women fighting in Ukraine.” A new book by Agata Puścikowska was recently published. On the cover you can see Sr. Małgorzata Stankiewicz, a Capuchin sister, superior of a small community of three in Krasyliv. The sisters cooperate with the Capuchins in Krasyliv. (photo)

Belgorod, Russia:
One of the city’s heating plants was on fire for unknown reasons, at least officially. (photo) Hopefully, Br. Marek is safe.  By the way, brothers Grzegorz Rusin and Grzegorz Ogórek are currently in Poland. They plan, after receiving an invitation from a parish, to apply for a visa for Russian Federation. Oremus.

Bishop Jan Sobilo who lives in Zaporizhzhia asks cordially for help in praying for the city of Zaporizhzhia and for Ukraine. (photo)

Invitation to prayer of worship. (photo)

War. Life walks alongside death. Death is defeated.
A wedding in our church in Vinnytsia is a sign of victory of life over death. Jesus is life. God is love in war too. (photo)

We make supplies for winter. We harvested mushrooms with Anton in the woods near Chepelivka. (photo)
Yesterday’s “rosary uprising” in Krasyliv gathered about 50-60 people. For the past 5 years, on every 13th day of the month, we have been praying in the city square for, among other things, the conversion of Russia, for peace… and now clearly for victory in the war. (photo)
Sr. Małgorzata teaches Polish. (photo)

May God protect us.