Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 217

September 30, 2022
Capuchin Communications

September 29, 2022

Thank God, it’s quiet in our region. Air missiles fell in Dnipropetrovsk District, where two of our monasteries are. The brothers are alive. God, grant us peace.

Since February, 396 children have been killed, 776 wounded (photo). God, we beg for peace.

The Word… Don’t be afraid to ask Jesus “How do you know me…?” I have seen you, I know you, you are not a stranger to me, I know your name. I am close to you, sometimes it is I who carry you on my back, especially when you are lost and sitting in the shrubs, lost, afraid. I love you and I know you,” says Jesus. My/Your response can be only one: “Rabbi, You are the Son of God, You are the King of Israel!” You are love!

We live in a war, we don’t live by war.

Dubrovnik, Croatia:
Another and the last meeting of the CECOC with such a lineup. (photo)

Today we are celebrating name days of several brothers in the province, including Brother Rafał, provincial vicar, Brother Rafał Ogórek, who was for some time a member of the Custody of Ukraine. To all the name day brothers, peace and love. God loves you.

Our “Clara Studio” from Vinnytsia at Catholic Book Fair in Warsaw. (photo)

Celebrating Thanksgiving—25th anniversary of the Ursuline Sisters of the Heart of Jesus in Dnipro. (photo)

And a few words for Justyn:
Thank you for your long and fruitful ministry in Ukraine. The great works of God that he has done through you we do not forget. I wish you return to health and deepen your friendship with the Lord. It’s good that you are!

State of affairs yesterday. (photo)

Our Capuchin presence in Russia is going through a difficult time. All the more we’re very happy about the presence of Brother Andriy from Belarus. Brothers, may God support you and open the doors of various offices and the hearts of officials.

May God guard and bless you.