Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 216

September 28, 2022
Capuchin Communications

September 28, 2022

We survived another night. God gave us a new day. Thanks be to God.

Today we celebrated Eucharist for Roman, a defender of Ukraine, who is on the frontline. It’s Roman’s birthday today. His mother was present. This is the war—far from the front lines—but bringing pain and suffering. God, give us peace.

The Word… Job claims and asks: “How can a man be righteous before God?” The answer to this question is another passage. “A righteous man falls seven times a day” (sins). Therefore, Jesus replies, “Why do you call me good? Only God is good.” Here is the whole truth about us.  And Jesus says, “Follow me”, “I will make you worthy of myself.” God loves you! God is love!

We live in a war, we do not live a war.

Br. Marek is celebrating his name day. Marek, may God Himself show you His true face. I admire you in your availability and openness to God’s presence. God loves you. Best wishes.

Capuchin Friars and Secular Franciscans continue adapting the garages into friar’s chapel. Let us pray for the Brothers and Benefactors. (photo)

Brother Robert Wieczorek, a Capuchin who survived a war in the CAR (Central African Republic). He is currently living and ministering in Sudan plagued by war. He is a brother close to me, to Ukraine. Robert, thank you for your heart, which is also with us, with Ukraine, plagued by war. (photo) By the way, I greet the Capuchin brothers in the Central African Republic.

War among suffering civilians. Photographs for the imagination. (photo)

Yesterday in Uzhgorod we celebrated the cathedral indulgence of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Every year it’s open-door at the bishop’s residence. Children from our Academy went to visit and pray at the tomb of their patron, deceased Bishop Milan. (photo)

May God grant us peace and guard us.