Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 173

August 16, 2022
Capuchin Communications

August 16, 2022, Tuesday.

It’s quiet in Lviv. Today, here there is no sign of war. In Kiev, alarms are sounding. In the east, in Kharkov and Kherson, regular war. God give us peace.

The Word… What a great tragedy for modern man is the fact that very often man takes the place of God. In the view of this man, he becomes God.

Today’s Word is explicit: “…. your heart became haughty, you said: I am God, I sit on the divine capital, in the heart of the seas – yet you are only a man, not God…”. You are great in the eyes of God, you are a child of God, but not God. To be a child of God is your greatest wealth. Everything else is transitory. God loves you! You are his child.

We live in war we do not live by war.

Photo from the consecration of the Capuchin house in Lviv, which was done by Bishop Edward Kawa. A historic day for our custody and our presence in Lviv.

Great preparation. Tomorrow there will be a distribution of clothes and provisions to refugees in Kremenchuky in our chapel, and then to poor residents. Before the war there was no shortage of people in extreme poverty, and now there are even more. So we try not only to help the refugees but also the poor locals. (photo)

There was a storm at night. A moment of uncertainty, whether it was thunder or explosions, because there was an alarm at the same time…. Packing up. Today the new superior brother Yaroslav and brother George are to arrive. Wadym in the Vinnitsa.

May God bless us and may He protect us, may He grant PEACE !