Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 118

June 22, 2022
Capuchin Communications

June 22, 2022, Wednesday, 118th war night.

Calm – Transcarpathia, where I am staying now, Uzhhorod, the city of the presence of our Capuchins in the Byzantine rite, is probably the most peaceful city. It is peaceful because in Eastern Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) are waging a regular war. Can we call it peace in Transcarpathia ?

The Word…. To what extent is a prophet in sheep’s clothing dangerous…and how dangerous? The prophet himself is not dangerous. More dangerous is the word, which is proclaimed by a false prophet. A false prophet, a false, untrue word. A word that is preached, but not life-giving or peace-giving, it is loveless. Who and what am I listening to?

The word …. from our brother Robert, a missionary: Hello Blazko! My sister Anne is a faithful reader of your reports after another night of war. She wrote to me, but since she asks to pass on her greetings, I am sending her words to you:

“Thanks so much for the information from the brothers. They are very uplifting to me. I don’t want to, but sometimes (thank God rarely, but nevertheless) I fall into a kind of marasm…and fear of the future (what if there is a war and they come… ?). And then, when I read that [the brothers] are building and renovating ‘out there,’ despite everything, I immediately feel better. I remember the Gospel from Saturday, that I won’t even add a moment to my life by worrying. God bless!”

Robert, if you can, thank her from the bottom of your heart from me. Anyway, we are doing what you did during the rebellion in central Africa. You dealt with what you have influence over – no matter what. And for that, God bless you!

Yesterday – thank God – I reached 850 km from Kiev to Uzhgorod. On the way I visited Lviv and brother Zbyszek. Our Lviv brothers were at the funeral of Pavel, son of our benefactor Katia from Ostropol. God give them Peace.

In Uzhgorod, Br. Justyn, the priest of Bilki, is conducting a retreat for the candidates for priestly ordination. We live….(photo)

Things are calm in Dnipro. A volunteer took our bus to Khmelnytsky to transport a lady with belongings and animals, and on the way back he takes clothes from Kiev to distribute. Preparations are underway to provide a car for us from Lublin. Thank God for all the brothers and people who help us. (photo)

Zoom retreat for the priests of our diocese – Serhii and Slawek – we are listening for the second day. Sr. Bogumiła is developing the ministry for the displaced people. People come every day… more and more, she has already invited volunteers to help. Yesterday our chaplain went to visit us. (photo)

May God grant us peace.