Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 111

June 15, 2022
Capuchin Communications

June 15, 2022, Wednesday, 111th war night.

In the city of Kamianske, where I am currently located, a quiet night. One town in the province was attacked with rockets. There are casualties among the civilian population. The war continues.

The Word…. It is difficult to fulfill this word formally: the gifts, the humanitarian aid that the friars distribute is in front of crowds of people waiting for help. Our prayers and liturgy are also with the people and in front of the people. There remains a room, a small chapel of my heart.
God give me a humble and grateful heart, for all that we give and give away is not ours or from us. Everything we have…. we have received. God please give me a thankful heart because the fact that I am a Capuchin, a priest is also a gift to serve others.

The help of the brothers in Dnipro: professionally organized, in the spirit of serving the refugees. Everything begins with a common prayer with the volunteers. (photo)
Despite much humanitarian work, evangelization in the parish continues. (photo)
Brother Jacek has left Russia. Last photo on Latvian-Russian border. He spent the night in Kowno, Lithuania. There are 7 of our brothers working in Lithuania. (photo)
Yesterday, local pensioners received help in Kamiańskie. Since morning, preparations are underway to deliver aid to refugees and displaced people.

Starkon quietly. We are distributing humanitarian aid. Yesterday, together with priests from the diocese, we had a meeting in Khmelnitsky with Fr. Zdzislaw Zywica MIC (psychologist, missionary in Rwanda in 1984-2019) on first contact and helping people affected by war.
May God give us a new Spirit and a new heart.