Letter from Br. Błażej: Night 102 

June 6, 2022
Capuchin Communications

June 6, 2022, Monday. St. Mary Mother of the Church.

Indulgence in Kiev. 102 war night. Alarms, but no rocket bombardment. We are alive. God is … love.

The Word … The question, “Adam where are you?” God wants a relationship with me… a close, intimate, paternal relationship. For normal life, the same God gives me a Mother, Mary, the Church. He also invites me to intimacy with the Mother, the Church. “Behold your mother, behold your Son….and he took her to himself.” Nothing extraordinary, just “to be.”
In times of war, people want to be, be together, they want to be close. God is, is close. Mary is, is close. The Church is, is close. God loves me, gave me Mary, gave me the Church. God is love!
The rockets that fell on Kiev yesterday were our area of the city. Partially destroyed factories repairing rolling stock. About human casualties they do not write. Kiev, as the capital, will be in danger until the end of the war. For how long? Nobody knows, maybe until the end of the year.  Let us watch and pray…. Let us stay close.
Yesterday was the name day of Br. Igor from our Kiev community. Brother, 100 years. May God protect you.
Yesterday, Br. Sławek, taking advantage of his free time, bought fuel. He stood in line for a couple of hours. It worked!
Peace and goodness! Today in Uzhhorod we had our FIRST communion.(photo) And the last “pjatirke” before the vacations.
May God grant us Peace….