Letter From Br. Błażej: 100th Night

June 4, 2022
Capuchin Communications

June 4, 2022, Saturday, 100th war night. Anniversary? A symbolic date?

For me personally, it is once again an opportunity to thank God, we are not alone…
To thank the people, the Capuchin Brothers, the benefactors, the volunteers. We are not alone. Thank you. Дякуємо. And so 100 nights and days of war, and we are not alone. God is love. Come Holy Spirit and convince me that God is indeed love, that God has not left Ukraine. Thank you. Дякую.
100 nights and days, this is also suffering, death of innocent people, children. The death of the defenders of the independence of Ukraine. The death of our enemies, whom I do not want to judge. “Lord, and what will be with these,” what about Putin, what about them? Lord have mercy on us! Господи помилуй нас!!!
Word… “I will send you the Spirit of truth, He will lead you into all truth….” Show us your true FACE, your true LOVE ! Come Holy Spirit!

In Kamiańske, Br. Adam sweetens life for the children.  By the way, from Vinnitsa I brought some pampers for the children.  We still remember our benefactors. (photo)
“Apostle of the East” – Janusz brought gifts from Mark. (Dnipro) Great thanks;) (Nazareth Sisters with us). Peeling potatoes from the “Potato Institute”.

In Krasilov it’s quiet , evening alarm but we didn’t even notice (at least some). The parish is preparing for the night vigil, and since yesterday we have had the School of Mary retreat. Greetings to all!

May God give us the Holy Spirit and grant us PEACE, which does not only mean the absence of war.