Information Technology

The IT Department is excited to share some of the projects we will be implementing in 2018! We are busy working on securing provincial assets against malicious software and web sites, and to bring you exciting new collaboration tools as well.

In the area of security, we will very shortly be rolling out an updated Vipre anti-virus software agent to each computer in the province. This is a cloud based solution that will protect each of our computers from viruses and malware no matter where we are located, and automatically download updates as they are available with no input required from you or IT (If you currently have another anti-virus solution on your POSJ provided computer, it will be replaced with Vipre). We are also going to be implementing another cloud based security tool called Zscaler, which will provide an additional layer of protection against known malicious websites, such as phishing and ransomware. Finally, we will be installing firewalls at each location in the province, providing a complete, multi-layer protective wall against the many threats that come from the Internet.

You spoke and we listened! During our conversations with many of the ministry directors and managers over the last 2-months, it became clear that there is a great desire to add tools to our IT offerings that will allow you to collaborate more easily with your co-workers. Over the course of the next few months, we will be rolling out Office 365 to everyone in the province. What is Office 365?  It is a cloud based Microsoft suite of applications that will allow us to:

  •  Share Outlook calendars with real-time visibility to when someone is available with Microsoft Exchange;
  •  Instant messaging and video chat with Skype for Business and Teams;
  • ​Web based versions of Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint (you will still have your local version as well);
  • ​1 Terabyte of secure file storage in the cloud for each person with OneDrive;
  • Ability to share and edit documents with other internal or external users with SharePoint;
  • Access your email, calendars and documents from anywhere, on any device.

These are just some of the things we have planned for you in 2018!  Stay tuned for more info as we begin to implement these projects.

Action required on your part:  For now, there is no action required for you.