Below are photo albums of various events in the province or the order. Albums are listed with the latest event first. You can click on any of these albums to view the photos. You can also download any of the photos by clicking on that photo and then clicking the "download" button.

Viewing Tip: When you open one of the albums below, click on the first picture; then you can use the arrow keys to proceed to the next photo and see all pictures in the album as a slide show.  If you are looking at individual friar photos, you can identify the friar by clicking on the photo and then clicking "Photo Details" on the right side of the screen.


If you wish to download a photo to your computer, simply click on the photo; then click "More" on the menu above the photo; then choose "Download photo;" then choose "original." The photo should then download to your computer (or other device).


If you need a "higher resolution" photo, contact us and we'll send you the file in higher resolution.


Friar Photos (2014 chapter)

Harlan Swift Affiliation

2014 Ordinary Graces Dinner

2014 Chapter Msc Photos (MJ Groark)

2014 Jubilees Celebration (MJ Groark)

2014 First Vows (MJ Groark)

2014 Perpetual Vows (MJ Groark)

Friar Photos (2011 Chapter)

Affiliates of the Province